15 December 2012

I Don't Want To Know About Goodbye..

Tears are falling, my eyes are closing
Dont tell me it's goodbye
You look close but you're far away
It looks as if I can grab you but I couldn't
That's why I am crying today....

I don't want to know about goodbye
I just want to live without knowing that
Wasn't you who promised me that there is no sadness
Let's love, how can we part?

Can you hear me? I miss you like crazy
How can I forget you? You want me to erase you?
I'll live through tears every day

Close my eyes and wipe my tears
I am going to live longing for you
Love must be...
The more you try to forget, the more you remember..

I'm sorry, but I cannot forget you
I still only love you and yearn for you
Though I love again, though I meet some one new
There will be no one like you.....................

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